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What did we learn?

Oct 04, 2012 -- 3:40pm

So the MLB regular season has come to an end...and we learned a lot, at least I think.

First, Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball.  You could certainly debate that Mike Trout is the MVP, but to say Cabrera is not the best hitter would be completely wrong.

Second, Robin Ventura can make it in this league.  We all laughed at the idea of him becoming the Sox skipper, but he did a pretty masterful job balancing the bullpen, rotation, veterans, and everything thrown at him (sure September was a mess, but he is a 1st-time manager, so I give him a pass this year)

Third, Anthony Rizzo is a great building block in Chicago, Darwin Barney is a great defensive second baseman, and Starlin Castro still has room to grow...and he will.

Next, Ron Roenicke is a really good manager.  I had this feeling last year, but this year the Brewers never would have climbed out of the abyss if not for the way he managed this club.  He deserves as much credit as the players for the turnaround.

Finally, while it may be exciting, the 2nd wild card team is still flawed.  I truly think it needs to be a 5-game series.  This is not March Madness...a play-in game is nothing but a hokey-gimick.  If you are going to do it, do it right Bud!  The problem with a 5-game series is it gives the top teams way too much time off, clearly disadvantaging them.  Because of that, I think it's gotta go.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important one...the season is still way too long.

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