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T.O.P. = Losing

Sep 26, 2011 -- 2:43pm

Time of Possession...the single biggest reason the Bears lose games.  There are a number of reasons Chicago loses the T.O.P. battle, but the bottom line is: lose that battle, lose that game!

In the Bears two losses, they have had the football a combined 46 minutes, 17 seconds...their opponents have had the football 73 minutes, 43 seconds.  That is nearly 28 minutes opponents have the chance to score that Chicago does not.  Imagine if the Badgers got the basetball for 30 minutes, and their opponent only got 10 minutes.  Who would win?  It should come as no surprise the Bears lost the Green Bay and New Orleans with that sort of discrepency in time of possession.

Did I mention the game the Bears won?  They held the football for 33 minutes, 19 seconds...Atlanta had the ball for 26 minutes, 41 seconds.

T.O.P. is the reason for the losses, so how does Chicago fix the problem?

1) Run more!  Even if its unsuccessful, you are taking time of the clock and giving your defense the opportunity to rest.  You keep the defense honest, and every now and then, Forte will break a long run.

2) Script a drive...Green Bay's opening possession is almost ALWAYS their best, thats because it is planned ahead of time...Score early, build confidence, and establish rhythym...I'm not sure the Bears know how to do that.

3) Improve the line...easier said then done, but unless the line gets better, it won't matter if you run or pass, the offense won't move!


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