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From 1st to Worst

Feb 28, 2012 -- 8:34am

What can Dan Appino be thinking?  The head coach of the two-time defending state champion Boylan Titans resigns suddenly. That's stunning enough. Then to learn he will take over the mordibund Auburn Knight program? That is more than taking on a new challenge in life. That is like rock star to roadie...Whatever the reason for the sudden and seismic shift, in the long run, it will be good for the NIC-10. Because Appino apparently will be able to bring a few key assistant coaches to Auburn with him, it will probably weaken Boylan a bit while a new coach makes the transition. Boylan has rattled off 56 straight NIC-10 wins. That''s more than 6 years worth. That kind of dominance is bad for the conference. If Boylan falls back a step or two, it gives Harlem, Hononegah and other teams a chance to play for more than 2nd place. And, if Appino and company move to Auburn, it should help make Auburn more competitive. Perhaps not immediately, but a coach of his stature and pedigree, and with the apparent support of the Rockford School administration, will have success. A better Auburn and a weakened Boylan will make for a stronger NIC-10.

Still, it is a mind-boggling move unless Coach Appino is hooking up with '97  Boylan grad and recent Oscar winner Dan Lindsay to do a documentary on Auburn!


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