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Bad Brew

May 18, 2012 -- 9:36am

You can't be shut-out by Miguel Batista and JA Happ in the space of four games and call yourself a contender. It's not all about missing Prince, but that is the first reason the Brewers offense is so pathetic. Injuries to everyday starters Mat Gamel and Alex Gonzalez haven't helped, but you still can't get blanked by  a 40-something journeyman like Batista and a crappy never-has-been like Happ. It's time to give Rickie weeks a weekend(or more) off. It's time to put Nyger Morgan on the bench with him. I'm not giving up on the Brewers, but I certainly am not optimistic, because the only guy on the roster right now who I believe should be playing more is back-up catcher George Kottaras. And if he's your best and only hope to shake up the bats, then you have a pretty bad team!



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