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2012's Top Ten Stateline Sports Moments: #7 - Leader Of The Pack

Dec 24, 2012 -- 5:13pm

Date: February 4

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

There are some moments on this list that caught us off guard.  Moments that made us stop everything and watch.  That provoked questions and debate.  Number seven is not one of those.

The 2011 Green Bay Packers were downright silly with their offensive production.  The highest point total in franchise history. The second-highest scoring output in league history.  One way or another, the offense would be rewarded.

Aaron Rodgers turned in an astonishing year with 45 touchdowns, just six interceptions, a 68.3 completion percentage, and a 122.5 passer rating.  He set franchise records in touchdowns, passing yardage, completion percentage, and 300-yard games.  He lead the Packers to a 15-1 record, just the sixth time a team has reached the fifteen win mark in NFL history.  And on Super Bowl weekend, he got his due with the MVP award.

Rodgers joined Bart Starr, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung as Green Bay Packer MVP winners, and it was never on doubt.  Only Drew Brees snagged votes away from Rodgers, who won the vote 48-2.  Keep in mind, this is the same year Brees set the single-season record for passing yardage.

We all knew this was coming, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of what Rodgers has been able to do to a Packers franchise that put all their chips in his basket.  To find a quarterback that surpassed the one preceding him is a testament to the player and the organization.  And in the new-age NFL, where the quarterback is the key, the Packers haven’t missed a beat.

Thanks to their MVP.


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