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2012's Top Ten Stateline Sports Moments: #3 - So Long, Farewell...

Dec 29, 2012 -- 3:44pm

Date: January 3

Location: Chicago, Illinois

This one was awhile coming.

After a quick drop from the top of the NFC to out of the playoffs, the Chicago Bears sent GM Jerry Angelo on his way, ending his eleven year run.

The Bears went to the playoffs just four times in Angelo’s eleven year run, and one Super Bowl.  But it was the drafting that became his calling card.  Of his entire drafting history, only 18 players are currently on the Bears roster.  Bust after bust dot the laundry list of Angelo’s drafting mistakes, and he never filled giant voids on offense.

It is rare to see a team in any sport operate as repetitively as the Bears did under Jerry Angelo.  Even more baffling was how long of a leash Angelo received, getting over a decade with one of the NFL’s charter franchises.  When the lack of roster depth became apparent in 2011, there was nothing left to defend. 

Angelo gave way to Phil Emery, and he will face an offseason of many questions, most of which center around Lovie Smith.  There’s still uncertainty as to whether the organization has turned the corner and will start making the hard decisions.  But final ridding of Jerry Angelo was a step in that direction.


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