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East Troy Puts Away St. Johns

Feb 23, 2013 -- 10:14pm


By: Brian Burkhart   Prep Reporter   Twitter: @BrianESPN

            To only say that St. Johns Military Academy was outsized in this game would be an understatement.  With their tallest starting player standing at a mire 6’2, the Lancers were in trouble before the game ever started.  East Troy used their size in the post with both 6’8 Prahl twins, cruising to a 96-45 win against St. Johns.  This victory means that the Trojans will play in the regional final on their home court.

            The Trojans started the game out guns blazing and never looked back.  “I never wanted our guys to let off the gas, he needed to keep pushing the tempo the whole game,” said East Troy Head Coach Daryl Rayfield.  Star player Nate Dodge for East Troy, got the fast tempo going for his team, as he had 3 steals for scores in a minute in a half of play.  St. Johns didn’t help themselves in the first quarter, shooting 3 for 12 from the field and letting East Troy score an easy 25 points. 

            The second quarter didn’t look any better for the Lancers, as Brett Prahl of the Trojans already had 7 blocks coming into the quarter.  Prahl racked up two more and the Trojans managed to hold St. Johns to only 4 points in the second quarter.  East Troy never let up on their intensity, causing their opponent to turn the ball over six times before the half.  As East Troy went into the half up 53-12, Brett Prahl already had nine blocks and Nate Dodge with five assists.

            Coming out of the locker room at halftime, East Troy looked like a team that smelled blood and was ready to keep putting the hammer down.  The Trojans made absolutely no mistakes in the third quarter, scoring with ease and Coach Rayfield letting some of his bench players get most of the third quarter minutes.  St. Johns scored the most points they did in any other quarter, with twelve points.  Nate Dodge scored the first eight points for the Trojans coming out of the half and then took a rest on the bench for the remainder of the game.  At the end of third quarter the Trojans were up 80-24 and all starters were sitting at the end of the bench, knowing they were done for the night.

            Coach Rayfield took advantage of the big lead going into the fourth quarter, letting his sophomore team, who were called up for the playoffs, get some valuable playing time.  The East Troy sophomores played well against the still starters of St. Johns, but this is when the Lancers were able to get most of their points in the game.  Dominic Pfister of St. Johns was the leading scorer for his team with 15 points.  The final score, East Troy 96 – St. Johns 45 shows how powerful the Trojans offense can be.  East Troy will advance to the regional finals to face Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.             

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