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Boston Marathon Tragedy

Apr 17, 2013 -- 2:33pm


Another Week, Another Tragedy

By: Tyler Zavadsky     Twitter: @TylerZonESPN
         *Opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ESPN 1380 and/or Good Karma Broadcasting*
         “The good out number you, and we always will...”
         Words spoken by comedian Patton Oswalt regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy.
         A simple, yet profoundly eloquent way of saying something that so many of us were probably thinking in some capacity, yet couldn’t find the words at such a time.
         It’s depressing to think that something so terrible, so unspeakable, can happen at an event that, in many runners case’s, was used as a way to raise money for various causes and cures.
         The fact of life is that there will always be disease, sickness, sadness, evil and death... They are unavoidable.
         Tragedies like the events at the Boston Marathon are unquestionably sick, twisted and despicable, and should bring the country and even the world together, but I fear the #Prayfor_____ is a mere “punch-line” if you will, to something that everyone should be doing anyway.
         For instance, take the Kevin Ware injury from Easter weekend. Many took to twitter and facebook to express their concern for the young man.
         Now while I saw nothing wrong with this public outpouring of support for Mr. Ware, I hesitated and thought of the big picture.
         Why just pray for him? Why just for one young man that will, in all likelihood, make a full recovery?
         Why not the people that lose their lives everyday defending our freedom? Or why not those that succumb to sickness everyday?
         Why not for your neighbor? Why not your countrymen? Or better yet, why not your fellow human being?
         Shouldn’t we be doing that everyday when we wake up, and every night before dreaming? Pray for life, just in general, because in the blink of an eye it can be taken away.
         Now back to the “punch-line” comment I’m sure you were scratching your head about.
         What I mean by this is hard to express in words, it is more of a feeling or emotion if you will.
         When tragedies like this one happen, it tends to create such a public stir that it becomes more of a frenzy than anything.
         By no means do I discourage those of you who feel it is necessary to post your thoughts and prayers on any medium (as I am doing the same here), but just be cognizant of the fact that the victims of THIS tragedy, or the LAST tragedy are not the only ones that need prayer. It is EVERYONE on earth that needs prayer, everyday, no matter the situation. Life requires constant thought and reflection. For many, prayer is the perfect time to do so.
         The great thing about prayer is you don’t even need to pray to a “God.” You don’t even need to be religious; all you have to be is willing to think of things outside of you.       Prayer breaks down the barriers of any religion, ideal or belief. If prayer was for only one religion, than why do all religions have prayer, or periods of reflection?
         The mere thought of prayer and reflection is enough to make a difference.
         I encourage all of you to do whatever you feel is necessary to support the victims of this tragedy, but don’t let this horrific event be the only thing on your mind. Life is, as brash as it sounds, bigger than one unfortunate afternoon.
         After all, do you still #PrayforWare? For the 26 families affect by Sandy Hook? For New Orleans and the nearly 1,800 people who lost their lives from the Hurricane Katrina devastation? For the victims of 9/11 and the countless family members left behind? For the 302,050 Haitian earthquake victims still displaced by that quake?
         If so, continue to do so, but if not, don’t just let the latest tragedy consume your thoughts and prayers.
         Always, and I mean always be thankful for the life you have. Not just on Thanksgiving, not just on Christmas, and not just after tragic events, but always.
         Pray for your family and your neighbors, but not just for the people you know.
         Pray for the young boy or girl down the street seeking a better tomorrow. The soldier that fights for your freedom. The teacher that improves the lives of the young. The nurse who takes care of the sick. The family in a war torn region waiting for the bombing to end. The tribe that must walk 17 miles to the nearest water source. The aspiring broadcaster so he doesn’t lose his job after writing this.
         My point is to always be aware of life around you and never have a one track mind. The world is a gigantic place, but once in a while you are reminded just how small it can really be.  
         And even though this magnificent world can seem like a dark and cruel place, light will always shine through. Just watch the videos of any tragedy. There are always far more people who choose to run toward darkness and bring the light, than those willing to walk towards the light and attempt to bring darkness.
         Carry on with your day with conviction and purpose, and pray for those who do not have the strength to do so, and the ones who no longer have the pleasure to walk this earth.

By: Tyler Zavadsky    Prep Reporter ESPN 1380    Twitter: @TylerZonESPN 

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