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WIAA will not reschedule State Tournaments due to weather

Apr 25, 2013 -- 3:52pm


Despite wet weather, WIAA will not move State Tournaments 

By: Tyler Zavadsky   Twitter: @TylerZonESPN

     Although the spring baseball and softball seasons have been delayed due to the extremely cold and wet weather much of the region has been experiencing, the WIAA will not move the state tournaments back to accommodate the late start. 

     The down right miserable weather has put a damper on all spring sports and has cancelled countless events in Wisconsin. Snow in the North, and rain in the South have made it nearly impossible to get any of the games and events underway. 

    WIAA officials had been receiving many calls and emails regarding a possible rescheduling of the tournaments but stated that there were too many logistical conflicts to consider while attempting to reschedule the events. A statement on the WIAA website highlighted some of the issues. 

    "We have received inquiries about  moving the state tournament dates farther into June," a WIAA press release said. "The number of changes that would need to be addressed at regional, sectional and state tournament sites along with officials working multiple sports are extensive.  In addition family plans, summer jobs, camps and clinics and other summer activities that would be affected.  It doesn’t seem as if that’s an option that could realistically be considered."

     With this news, the WIAA will allow schools in the area to reschedule games up until the last day of the season. This means that those schools that do not qualify for postseason play can schedule, or reschedule games, during the tournament in order to have a full season if desired. 

     Along with this particular news, the WIAA also received permission from the National Federation of State High School Associations to schedule games that are five innings in length to once again accommodate for the slow start to the spring in order to fit more games in. 

    NFHS rules state that baseball games must be set for seven innings in length but with this permission, the WIAA is exempted from non-compliance rules.

    For now, all that Wisconsin can do is wait for the weather to turn and for spring to actually arrive.

By: Tyler Zavadsky    Prep Reporter ESPN 1380   Twitter: @TylerZonESPN



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