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Why Are Sports Important in High School?

May 24, 2013 -- 5:43pm

By: Brian Burkhart    Prep Reporter    Twitter: @BrianESPN

Athletics Play a Key Role In a Teenagers Life


  Many teens and parents wonder, “Why are sports important in high school?”  The answer to this question is simply that sports are important to the growth and development of a teenager’s body and mind.  Sports offer many of the skills teens will use in high school and adulthood. 

  There are many ways sports benefit a kid and here are just a few of them.  It first and foremost promotes a healthy lifestyle for a young athlete; it’s never too early for a teenager to learn good diet and exercise.  Teenagers who play a sport are already starting a good habit of exercise that increases the chances they will continue it throughout their later years in life.  Sports also help a teen improve their motor skill development; a lot of kids sit in a classroom all day then go home and watch TV.  Playing a sport helps keep the mind fresh and will develop skills that otherwise wouldn’t be learned. 

  Anger management in a teen can be at an all time high during their young lives, sports can help release that stress, such as going out and hitting a baseball or taking out your frustrations during a tackling drill at football practice.  It also has been shown that by releasing your stress while playing a sport will release endorphins, which are a “feel good hormone”.  If a teen has a bad day at school, one of the best things they can do is take out their frustration by going out and practicing hard. 

  Another big benefit of teens playing sports in high school is the social bonding aspect of it.  Kids who play sports will most likely bond with teammates and that will improve their social skills.  I have recently graduated college and when I go back home I still keep in contact with all my teammates that I had in high school.  Sports not only keep you active and off the couch but you will make friends that will last a lifetime.  There are so many stories now a days where kids are getting in trouble because they are hanging out with the wrong crowd, sports can potential eliminate that worry for parents.  Instead of a parent not knowing where their kid is, they know he/she is at practice staying out of trouble. 

  Football is a great example of a sport that can teach discipline and build character in young boys; these characteristics are essential for teens to learn in their younger years.  Sports not only help build a teen’s character but also can help improve their grades in the classroom.  Some schools won’t allow students to play a sport if their grades are not at a certain level, this encourages students to get good grades so they won’t be ineligible for the season. 

  A big lesson that I took away from football when I played in high school was building teamwork.  There are always going to be times no matter if it’s in college or the real world that you will have to work as a team.  Learning teamwork skills at a young age can better prepare you for situations down the road in life.  The last thing I feel is really great about playing a sport is that it shows you are a well-rounded person, especially when it comes to choosing a college or profession afterward.  A college likes to see that a person is well round and has done many different things in their high school career. 

  Teens will stand out much more if they have been active in a sport or multiple sports, while balancing school at the same time. It shows that your priorities are in order and you don’t have a problem when multiple things are going on in your life at once.  The bottom line is sports should be fun for the athletes and they should try as many different things as they can to see what they like and don’t like.

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