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Athletes Should Participate In More Than Club Sports

Jun 29, 2013 -- 2:00pm

By: Brian Burkhart    Prep Reporter   Twitter: @BrianESPN

Many young athletes today are finding that club sports are having a greater impact in their college recruitment process than high school sports. Many major sports, from Basketball to Volleyball, have significant club participation that includes a lot of travel and high price tags for the "better" athletes to play against other "better" athletes.  I feel though that it is very important to not give up the opportunity to play for your high school. Here are some of the major benefits I feel you get from playing high school sports instead of only club sports.

Representing a community:  when you play for your high school you are representing the community in which you live. You will participate against other communities and enjoy the sporting rivalries that have developed over numerous generations. This is just like college playing other colleges that have traditional rivalries and representing your college, and the community in which it is part.

Recognition for your achievements: Local newspapers thrive on sport coverage of their local high schools and your achievements will not go unnoticed. This is just like college local papers love to cover the sporting events of the local colleges and you will be recognized for your individual and team successes.

Understanding the classman rankings: As a freshman you have certain duties, as do the sophomores, juniors and seniors. These duties change when you get older from collecting equipment to leading the program. This is the same as college, you will have certain duties and expectations as a freshman and these duties and expectations will change as you mature to lead your program.

Development of leadership roles: In high school sports players tend to look towards the older and more experienced athletes for guidance and leadership. As you stay with the program you will assume these roles and duties and you will learn how best to lead. You will also develop an understanding of which leadership qualities and styles best suit you. This is just like college your leadership skills will be expected to develop as you mature through the program and you will have older, more experienced, teammates to look up to when you are an underclassman.

The opportunity to work with different coaches: Playing for different coaches prior to participating in college will allow you to know how to adapt to various coaching styles and how best you can succeed with these different styles. Although this is not the same as college, playing for different coaches will prepare you to know how best to work within different coaching styles and philosophies and still get the best out of your game.

Being exposed to club and high school sports will help you develop yourself as an athlete and leader and expose you to various roles that will allow you to succeed further in college. 


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