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Madison West, Pollard, Win Thriller over Madison La Follette

Dec 12, 2013 -- 11:53pm


Madison West Stuns Madison La Follette

Marquise Pollard hits buzzer beating three to hand Lancers first conference loss


By: Tyler Zavadsky     Twitter: @TylerZonESPN


     In life, not a whole lot can happen in five seconds.

     Your morning coffee can’t be brewed, let alone heated up and a single phone call takes at least five seconds to even dial the number. 

     It may take five seconds for your boss to turn your day upside down and send it into a tailspin, but let’s hope that is a rare occurrence.

     But in the world of sports, an entire year’s worth of excitement can happen in just a split second. Give any team any bit of time, let alone a whole five seconds, and dreams become reality.

     “I just don’t know what to say. I really don’t. I can’t... I just don’t know,” Madison West senior point guard Marquise Pollard said in the locker room after his game winning three-point shot Thursday night. “It has always been a dream of mine to hit a game winner, and when it happens, you almost don’t believe it.” 

     Pollard and the rest of his Regent teammates handed the previously unbeaten La Follette Lancers the team’s first loss of the season in a thrilling 58-57 “dog fight” as many players were calling it after the game.

     With :26.2 seconds remaining in the game, La Follette standout guard Darold Thomas was sent to the free throw line with his Lancers down 55-52 shooting the one-and-one bonus.

     Thomas proceeded to sink both free throws to put his team down one point entering the final few seconds left on the clock.

     On the Regents ensuing possession following the free throws, West turned the ball over and gave La Follette a chance for the go ahead basket with less than 20 seconds to go.

     La Follette then took 15 of the remaining seconds left off the clock as Thomas dribbled around the top of the key to only pull up from four feet behind the three-point line and drain the go ahead shot to put the Lancers up 57-55 with 4.1 seconds left in the game.

     “When something like that happens, you just kind of pause and don’t really know what to think,” Regent coach Keith Stewart said. “Thankfully for us, I guess, he did make that shot, because it gave us enough time to come back and draw something up for ourselves.”

     After the roof settled back down onto it’s frame following a Regent timeout, The final inbound pass of the game went to a running Pollard who took a few dribbles and then leapt up over two Lancer defenders for the game winning three in front of his own bench. 

     As the buzzer blared, the ball went into the hoop and the West parents, students and bench stormed the court.

     “He did exactly what I drew up, it’s the truth,” Stewart said. “He just came down running, caught the ball and made the play. Big time play. He had to shoot it over two guys, just awesome. So proud of our guys.”

     With the 58-57 win, Madison West advances to 3-1 on the season and hands La Follette the first loss of the 2013 season.

Malik Clements, the player who was originally intended to receive the inbound pass, finished the game with 20 points and seven rebounds to go along with his three assist’s and three steals. 

     “You know it didn’t matter who got the ball at the end, as long as we won that’s all that matters,” Clements said. “It was a dog fight out there all game long. Coach tells us no matter what we go through we always got to fight back and we did that.

     “Total team win tonight. P (Pollard), Tre (Terrell McFadden), Myself and the whole team, we played great and we got a huge win.” 

Madison West will have a day off to rest up for Madison Memorial on Saturday night, a team that none of the current Regents have beaten, including coach Stewart.

     “This win is great and all, but we have Memorial next,” Pollard said. “We have never beaten those guys and I don’t think coach (Stewart) has either so we have a lot more business to take care of this weekend.” 

     The second Madison v. Madison battle for the Regents this weekend will be at Madison Memorial on Saturday, tipoff 7:30 p.m. 


By: Tyler Zavadsky     Twitter: @TylerZonESPN



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